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What is Loomly?

Maintaining consistency when managing various social media accounts can be a daunting task. Posting content with any sort of frequency is a requirement when building a brand identity. One tool that will assist with creating an established continuity with consistent posting is the use of a social media manager, which allows for the scheduling and posting content in advance. Loomly is a subscription-based service that offers this type of flexibility.

Creating a calendar is the first step required that will serve as the place for all your content. Navigating Loomly has been reduced in a wizard style interface which provides a clean look and an easy to follow flow of information. Some of the features that make this a scalable platform for a variety of users and organizations are:

· Content previews within the app of delivery to confirm before you schedule or publish

· Measure the performance of your content with analytics from your different accounts, posts, links

· Organize all photo and media for your posts in one place

· Schedule and post content in advance for ease of use and convenience

· Keyword/ tag creation and filtering of posts

· Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns managed directly within Loomly

· Content review, collaboration, and workflow approval with a provided detailed change history

The following social media integrations listed above are compatible within Loomly, per each calendar created, dependent upon the pricing tier that you choose which you can find here.

Publishing content through Instagram can be created and scheduled through Loomly but must be pushed manually through the Instagram app as there is no direct software tokens for automations. Loomly states that they are working with Instagram to solve this problem.

Despite this additional step for Instagram published content, Loomly provides value for the services they offer. One addition that I would love to see implemented is WordPress integration. Being able to create and schedule content to publish to a website build with WordPress software would propel Loomly into a new category of productivity.

Loomly offers a free 15-day trial so that you can conduct your own personal review without using a credit card to secure this process. Pricing can be steep but worth it if value to your workflow can be justified. I was able to enjoy the free trial and was pleasantly surprised at the value this software was able to provide to my productivity. If you need tighter Instagram integration then this service, at this time, would not be for you. For those who need a comprehensive layout, content previews and a promoted, connected team environment then Loomly might be worth a try.

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