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What is Change Management?

Change management is the implementation and transition of change within any given environment. I know that sounds a bit convoluted but will make sense when viewed from a strategic point of view.

Consider the changes involved when Disney decided purchased Fox in March of 2019. The changes required to facilitate that deal were detailed to ensure a proper transition on a financial and legal level. Once that tier of ownership had been approved and completed then the next step in the transition process was to create a plan that would allow employees to participate in this a new, amalgamated company.

Disney had to formulate a plan to incorporate the Fox assets into its own stable of properties. That plan also included designs to incorporate its workforce and lead its employees through this time of transition. Those changes must reflect the inherent resistance to the new status quo will bring and unfortunately the elimination of redundancy when combining these organization. “As many as 4,000 jobs are expected to be cut in the process, but the expectation is that the first round of layoffs will hit more senior executives” and “with the ax falling hardest on jobs in its marketing, sales and distribution arms”. (Lang, Littleton, & Otterson, 2019)

Change management concerns, that are large or small in scope, must be directed

appropriately and efficiently. If those efforts are poorly implemented the results can be disastrous which could lead to:

· Decreased productivity

· Employee stress and confusion

· Loss of talent

· A divided workforce; us and them environment

Carefully planned change management can be beneficial and complimentary to any organization. Development of a plan to lead each employee through any company transition will promote a unified workforce and improve the chances for success.

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