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What is a Digital Business Card?

In the wake of the coronavirus, limiting interpersonal contact has become a necessary part of professional life. Using alternative tools, such as, email and video conferencing software are necessary to facilitate this new work from home standard. The act of networking has also needed to evolve to remain relevant and effective. The use of digital business cards is one tool that will assist in the development and advancement of professional networking.

What is a digital business card? A digital business card is an electronic file that serves the same function as paper cards; to share the professional contact information. The digital sharing of professional information has several benefits:

· Digital business cards are most cost effective save the use and printing of paper cards.

· Sharable social media links, contact and company information through text, email and custom QR codes

· Integration with email and calendar apps

· Digital business cards can be customized with videos and animated graphics.

· Scan paper business cards to import contact information

Digital business cards are a unique implementation of information sharing that allows for ease of use and prevents paper cards from finding their way into the trash.

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