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This is the computer that you didn't know that you needed!

During the month of August, I was looking for a new laptop as my previous Lenovo 15.6 inch was slowing down considerably after 6 years of constant use. After thousands of reviews (more like hundreds), the late 2019 version of the HP Spectre x360 Convertible caught my attention which was not hard to do. Its beveled, gem cut edges with its contrasting colors of black and copper screams “Hey look at me”! It was comparable to other laptops in speed and a variety of options offered until one feature, which should be standard on all laptops, captured my curiosity. It was its dedicated 4G LTE cellular connection.

I was curious about the potential that a dedicated cellular connection would complement my workflow. After taking the plunge on this pricey purchase, I was genuinely surprised at the freedom I had gained without the reliance on wi-fi hot spots or cell phone tethering. That type of lateral freedom allowed me access to working locations that were previously unavailable, such as, working in outdoors or areas that support the current social distancing implementation.

Other features that I have found useful were the dedicated kill switches for the camera and the microphone. The inclusion of these privacy features saves the customary taped over camera that decorates many computers which was a welcome addition.

As with all things positive, there are reciprocating cons to any product. The speakers are bottom facing which can muffle the sound depending on the surface in which the computer sits. Another negative is that it can feel warm when the system is taxed, not to the point where it is uncomfortable but potential consumers should be aware of this situation.

The HP Spectre x360 Convertible is a definite purchase recommendation. Its light weight, performance and security features will add value to any productivity regimen.

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