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Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups: What's the difference?

Facebook can be a powerful social media platform that can be used as an effective tool for implementing marketing strategies, increasing customer engagements, and promoting products or services. According to Facebook, their platform reaches “3 billion people around the world”. It is obvious that businesses would seek to take advantage of such a large pool of potential customers. Crafting a presence on Facebook is determined upon the answer to one question about your objective; do you create a page or a group?

What is the difference?

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages for businesses operate in the same manner as personal profiles do for individuals. Instead of individual pages containing personal information, business pages contain information about the organization, products or services that are being offered. Businesses can also create advertising campaigns that target a specific audience. Facebook business pages provide an additional method of being personable with the consumers instead of blanketing them with advertisements and sales.

Once you have created your business page then the challenging work of attracting followers can begin. Some of the methods that are best used to market your products and services as an organization are;

  • Using analytics to determine the level of engagement that your content produces. This information can assist with the design of future marketing campaigns.

  • engaging in consistent posting to your page which is key when engaging with potential customers and prioritizing placement within the Facebook algorithm. A social media manager is a great tool with scheduling content to post in advance.

  • Creating contest and giveaways to drive traffic to your page and interest to your content.

  • Facebook profiles are searchable within Google but Facebook Groups are not.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are designed to facilitate communication within a set of common interest. This type of communication is centered around specific topics of interest promoting virtual networking. The sharing of ideas and interests in a common place can support an ongoing dialog. Within Facebook Groups, there are privacy settings that are used to administrate the nature of admission.

  • Public Groups- These groups are open for anyone to join and participate within the Facebook community

  • Open Groups- These groups are searchable on Facebook and users can read post and view a list of members without joining. In this setting, only members can post to the specific group.

  • Private Groups- Private groups are posts and comments are available to members only. Invitations can be issued group moderators and administrators who can also add third party apps for member interactions, including provide exclusive content.

Choosing between the use of a Facebook page or a group is truly dependent upon the specific goal that you are trying to achieve. If you are promoting products or services within a specific, target audience with measurable metrics to plan additional marketing efforts then a business Facebook page might be the way to go. If creating a community of like-minded individuals that supports an ongoing virtual networking option that has different levels of moderation, then a Facebook group might be a viable choice. Each choice has its strategic advantages and benefits of use to an organization. The choice is yours!

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