• Taris Thomas

Busy is Not Productive

The terms busy and productive are used interchangeably but they are completely different. Being busy is being distracted. Any task will suffer significantly when the performer is preoccupied. Busy blurs the focus of why you are doing what you are doing. Losing that focus is to lose the motivation of the goal that you are working towards whether it is a promotion at work or buying a home. Another unwanted result losing focus can create is the pitfall of procrastination. Procrastination is a chain reaction of negative habit-forming patterns for tasks which removes the joy from the work that is being performed. There is a satisfying feeling of completing a less than desirable task to the best of your ability.

Productivity is a word that has many different roads for someone to travel. The destination may be the same but how everyone gets there is unique. For me, productivity is adaptable depending on the goal that I am trying to obtain. Professional, I will identify a goal and then plan out how to achieve. I wanted to get my MBA and created a plan to accomplish that goal. Each goal could be considered a block of activity that requires two criteria; to be measurable and achievable. Achievable needs to be realistic in its conception and measurable usually refers to producing the desired result.

Remember, consistency is the foundation of productivity which will form positive working habits. Everyone has dips in their motivation, but consistent behavior will allow any task to be completed!!

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