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Brand Building is a Must

Brand building represents the personality of your company. It is how potential customers will get to know your company and the services that you offer. This part of the process creates value to your target audience. The creation of a lasting, positive experience is the true definition of a successful brand building effect which can be delivered in 5 easy steps;

· Define Your Brand

Understanding what your brand represents is a critical step to delivering this message to your target audience. Creating a mission statement of the core strengths that defines the stance of the company will assist with this effort, even if only used internally. Just as a compass guides a ship, a well-crafted mission can guide a company. Walmart’s mission statement of “to save people money so they can live better” informs potential consumers of what to expect when they visit one of their stores.

· Distinguish Your Brand

Building a brand is not about blending in with the competition. It is about standing out to attract attention to your company and your product or service. Walmart achieved this through the incorporation of additional store elements, such as, concession stands and pharmacy services. These Super Wal-marts were representative of leading by design instead of following by example.

· Brand Exposure

All the previous efforts are meaningless if they are not properly exposed. Exposure can be delivered through a variety of methods which include advertisements, social media and blogs. Walmart created a one stop shopping platform that provides a value for consumers and establishes its brand personality. Proper exposure will inform consumers about your company and increase the demand for your product or service.

· Brand Personalization

Consumer interactions are required for a brand build campaign to be successful. Companies will provide consumer branded products to foster that engagement. Tech firms, like Apple and Google offer products and services that people can identify and relate. Personalizing your brand allows for consumers to become active participants in the building of the company.

· Review and Revise Your Brand

Brand building is an ongoing, evolutionary process. Regular evaluation of the brand identity will exploit and engage in new opportunities. The needs of the consumers will change, and the brand must change with them in order to stay relevant.

Brand building is not a and one and done constraint that follows a static check list to be filed away when complete. People change and the brand must maintain that pace to keep the consumer base engaged. Evolution is the one ingredient required for the successful development and implementation of build a brand.

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